Холодное оружие в квартире

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Холодное оружие в квартире

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What's different inside the Tesla Model S

With the Model S, Tesla took full advantage of electric power to create a different kind of car.


The Model S looks like a sedan but it's actually a hatchback with ample storage space behind the back seats.


Electric motors provide ample low-speed pulling power for quick take-offs and fast passing. They can also be placed near the wheels with no need for a bulky transmission.

Child seat

With more storage space elsewhere, some of the trunk space can be used for folding, rear-facing children's seats.


Battery pack in floor lowers center of gravity while opening up space inside the car.


With no transmission, there's no transmission tunnel. That means three people can sit in the backseat with their feet comfortably on the floor.


No transmission also means more flexible storage space between the front seats.


No engine under the hood allows for a "frunk," or front trunk, for cargo storage.

Interactive: Tal Yellin / CNNMoney